The Top 3 Features in Travis Scott’s Astroworld

Travis Scott’s Astroworld may very well be the most anticipated rap album of the year. Hype alone earned it a spot among Kids See Ghosts, Ye, and Scorpion for rap album of the year. Then Astroworld dropped and backed up all the anticipation with a banger of an album. Quality verses and fire beats highlight the album, but one of its greatest qualities is the all-star lineup of features from some of music’s biggest names, including Drake, Frank Ocean, and Stevie Wonder. Without further ado, the top 3 features from Astroworld:

3. Frank Ocean (Carousel)

Carousel features Frank Ocean whose melodic, soft voice flows like silk over the beat and conjures relaxing, catchy tones. Ocean’s voice and Travis’ beats go together like chocolate and peanut butter. His chorus is the highlight of the song, singing, “Brand new, brand new / This new place I got to / New world, new sky / That’s so blue it’s black too / New growth, new growth / All these fades I outgrew.” The R&B star creates a catchy rhythm that you’ll find yourself singing long after the song ends.



2. Gunna (Yosemite)

Gunna’s feature came out of left field, but was a welcome surprise. His flow fit the beat perfectly. His chorus, underlined by Travis’ melodic humming, make the song a headbanger and one of the best parts of the album. His lines are choppy with slight breaks between which match Travis’s verses well. He allows the lyrics to breathe a little on top of the beat.


1. Nav (Yosemite)

(just kidding (but really what the fuck happened here))

1. 21 Savage (NC-17)

Astroworld is Travis Scott’s album, But NC-17 is 21 Savage’s song. His monotone style meshes well with what Astroworld is trying to do. His lyrics rise above a beat that knows 21 is the highlight of the song and lays low and out of his way. The verse is so good that 21 is also on background vocals cheering himself on as it goes. He also receives the honor of having the best, most jaw dropping line in the entire album, “i nutted on her cheek, her new nickname is baby face.” 21 did something similar by stealing the show on Post Malone’s Rockstar. The world is ready for another 21 Savage album.

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