Shazam Looks Like It’s Exactly What the DCEU Needs Right Now

If you want to save the world, say the magic word.

On Saturday at Comic-Con, DC revealed the first official trailer for Shazam! which is set for release in April 5th, 2019. For months, fans have been teased with behind the scenes photos and teasers, and after a long wait, they finally get to see Billy Batson in action.

The trailer starts off by giving our hero his backstory. Billy Batson is a troubled orphan who bounces from foster home to foster home, but seems to have finally found a family willing to embrace him. After kicking ass with a crutch and defending his new brother against school bullies, an almighty wizard named Shazam chooses Billy as his champion against evil. Blessed with superpowers that can be summoned by yelling “Shazam”, Billy does what any boy would do, have fun. Throughout the trailer, we get to see Billy test the limits of his newfound powers by punching parking garages, flying, and charging phones with the zap of his fingers. However, he’ll have to learn how to use his powers quickly to fight off the evil forces of Dr. Sivana.

The joy radiating from every scene of the Shazam! trailer is a good first step towards redemption for DC who has consistently let fans down (not you, Wonder Woman, you beautiful goddess). Shazam! is an opportunity for DC to take fans inside the mind of a 14 year old fulfilling every kid’s dream of being able to fly. The innocence displayed by Zachary Levi is an angle of seeing superheroes that’s never really been seen before. It’s not the doom and gloom, heavy metal version of superheroes where grumpy Ben Affleck groans and stares intimidatingly into a camera for 120 minutes. It’s more, “holy crap i can fly”. Billy Batson is a kid searching for an identity. He, like all kids, is searching for an answer to the age old question: who am i? This movie is a chance to watch Billy grow and develop while also taking on the responsibilities that come with being a superhero. Take the hormone infused, cannibalistic, ravenous maze of middle school and add the ability to turn into a 6’4 240lb. God. How could you not be excited? Most importantly, the Shazam! trailer seems to indicate the film is focusing on what every superhero movie should be: fun.

hey sup i'm a superhero.PNG

“Hey, sup, I’m a superhero.”


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