NFL Instagram Wars: Cam Newton vs. Russell Wilson

 The NFL offseason lacks a certain excitement. Between the NFL draft and the start of training camp, the league goes through a serious drought in media coverage. In a summer dominated by NBA free agency, it’s up to NFL players to take to social media and generate buzz. Today I’ll be taking a look at two of the league’s top quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson, to see who has been winning the Instagram game. They’ll be judged in three different categories. 

Workout Warrior:

Do you even play professional sports if you don’t post videos of your workouts on social media? We’ve seen James Harrison use every 45lb. plate in the gym for bicep curls, Aaron Donald train with knives like he’s John Wick, and we’re probably only days away from seeing Saquon Barkley bench press a truck, But Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are no slouches when it comes to offseason workouts either. Cam made headlines in January when he deleted all his posts off Instagram after the Panthers wildcard loss to the Saints. Now, he exclusively posts Instagram stories of himself working out. He often wakes up for workouts just a few hours after regular people go to sleep. His weight room grind is evidenced by the sweat blanketing his face, making it look like he’s fresh out of the shower. Newton even has days where he decides one workout isn’t enough and goes back for seconds. If that’s not enough, he’s even teamed up with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

I couldn’t hand Antonio the ball more accurately than Cam can throw it from 60 yards away.


sweaty cam.PNG
Under Armour’s Instagram has been documenting Cam’s offseason grind

Russell Wilson has posted a few workout videos, but they all lack the intensity Cam brings. For the most part, he’s used his offseason to travel. He went to China and posted videos of him helping run a team there through drills. Technically, he was throwing them routes, but they were tripping over their own feet, so i wouldn’t call it the quality content i was hoping for. His Instagram shows a man loving life, traveling the world, and living everyday to its fullest, but that doesn’t get him any points here.

Winner: Cam Newton

Who Makes Me The Most Jealous?:

Whether its showing off a level of fitness 99% of the population will never achieve or traveling across the world on lavish vacations, NFL quarterbacks should use their Instagram to make me wish i were a NFL quarterback. Russell Wilson has been honeymooning in Africa. He’s strolling among the elephants and hanging out with rhinos. Most importantly, he’s doing it all with Ciara, who is worth 1000000 bonus points in this category. Look at the video he posted of the two of them dancing to Drake. Look at the way he just sways back and forth watching her dance. Jesus that’s cool.

If anyone can make me feel bad about spending my days playing videos games and blogging, it’s Russell Wilson taking extravagant vacations with one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. It’s difficult to score Cam in this category because he has zero posts on Instagram. He only puts up stories of his workouts. He gets points for being dedicated to the grind, but he’s still losing to the Russell Wilson & Ciara combo by 999999 points.

Winner: Russell Wilson

Motivational Tactics

Finally, in order to win the offseason social media war, our quarterbacks must do what quarterbacks do, inspire those around them to be better. There should be a plethora of motivational content coming from their social media. Cam has been using the negative reinforcement approach. A few weeks ago he posted a story explaining why he returned to Instagram:

He also said, “Man, i tried to beat the sun up today… and i did.” When you’re talking about beating the sun in anything, you’re reaching a high level of badass.

I’ll follow that guy into war any day. His Instagram stories make me want to run through a wall. Russell, on the other hand, lacks some of the intensity Cam has. He’s posted motivational content too, but it’s more leading cheerleaders through a chant than it is badass general giving a war speech.

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#MondayMotivation @Nike

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Winner: Cam Newton

Cam takes two out of the three categories and wins this round of NFL Instagram Wars. He looks hungry and ready to lead his Panthers to Super Bowl contention this year. Surrounded by an improved offensive cast and offensive coordinator, Cam has all the tools to take his team to a deep playoff run.

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