Watch: Pacman Jones Throws Haymakers in Atlanta Airport

On Tuesday evening, Adam “Pacman” Jones was involved in an altercation in the Atlanta airport. Per TMZ Sports, the Atlanta Police Department reported that airport employee Frank Ragin made a “gesture” towards Jones. Jones, not known for for being well tempered, confronted Ragin. The altercation began to escalate, which is when a traveler (hero),  pulled out their phone and began recording.


Training camp is coming up, and you can tell Pacman Jones is beginning to feel the itch for contact. He remains an unsigned free agent, but if Jon Gruden ever figures out Twitter and sees this video, he’s signing him in a heartbeat. I can’t believe Ragin knew who Jones was. There’s no way a sane human willingly picks a fight with Pacman Jones. He’s basically Marshawn Lynch except he never said “I’m just here so i don’t get fined” so he never got a TV show. That obviously hasn’t stopped him from producing high quality content. He’s an entertainer. You have to respect it.

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